The non-profit association K. Stade Leuven T.C. is one of the oldest tennis clubs in Belgium. The club was founded in 1903, one year after the Royal Belgian Tennis Association was established, making it the first club in Flemish Brabant. 

K. Stade Leuven T.C. is a strongly locally embedded club with national stature. It is also a club with a heart for young people, where children learn tennis in a fun way from an early age. "Stade Leuven" is a fully-fledged tennis complex with 9 courts in ground brick and has around 1000 members.

Tennis school

The tennis school of K. Stade Leuven T.C. aims to provide high-quality youth training for both the very youngest and the competition players. The focus is mainly on fun, ball skills, techniques and motor skills. At a later stage the emphasis is shifted to tennis skills, improving technique and game situations. For those who are competition oriented, the competition training sessions follow afterwards. Here the training will be more intensive and powerful, tactical insight will be sharpened and fitness will be worked on. Competitive players can also count on inter-club support at home meetings and tournaments (limited). All this has led to us being represented in all youth series by a number of talented, but above all motivated girls and boys. In addition, there is still room to enjoy tennis together and recreational activities are organised in cooperation with the youth committee, so that they get more playing opportunities and get to know peers in a relaxed atmosphere.


In recent years, the club has been involved in the highest national inter-club competitions, with both men's and women's teams. Other competitively minded members take part in the regional inter-club competition. In addition, there are the annual winter and summer tournaments for children, youth and adults.

Top tennis and recreation go hand in hand at Stade. Even pure recreational tennis players will find a club in Stade Leuven that offers ample tennis opportunities and regularly organises recreational tennis activities for young and old, such as the club championship, the now traditional summer "Tennis and Barbecue", Ladies Day, etc.

Adapted tennis

K. Stade Leuven T.C. does not shy away from its social responsibility either. Adapted tennis, tennis for people with a motor, mental, visual or hearing disability, has been possible at Stade since 2009.

Our club wants to fully integrate wheelchair tennis players into the regular tennis sport and into club life. Since the summer of 2009, wheelchair tennis lessons have been given by qualified trainers. This makes the club the first in the region to have a fully developed programme for both the beginner and the competitive wheelchair tennis player. Through this initiative, interested players from Leuven and the surrounding area can practise their favourite sport within a Tennis Vlaanderen tennis club. A unique initiative in the field of integration of persons with a handicap in the regular sports club activities in the province.